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SK: FAQ pre Breviary aplikáciu na Androide v slovenčine

Are prayers stored in smartphone?
Web pages (, and application Breviary for Android are designed to dynamically generate (create) texts of prayers for specified input (date). So these prayers are NOT stored on device „anywhere“.

Does application Breviary contain everything which is included on web pages
Application Breviary contains main portion of web pages, i. e. Slovak, Czech, and Hungarian Liturgy of Hours. Application does not contain many static pages from the web. Simply said, application Breviary contains everything you need for praying in these languages :)

Why does application Breviary have no EXIT button?
Application Breviary is a standard application for devices with OS Android. The android-way is that the OS stops processes when they are not needed; a running process is only some sort of "cache" for the application. For example, a browser uses back button for navigating back as well. Thus, we prefer not to have an explicit EXIT button. The user can just navigate somewhere else; the process is cached, until the system does not needs its resources. Afterwards, application state is stored, application processes are killed, and when user navigates back to the Breviary, the state is restored.
Notification service should not eat any battery. It schedules an alarm for given time only, i.e., it asks operating system to send an event at the time of the alarm. No cpu is consumed in the application until this happens. If you do not use notifications, no alarm is scheduled, of course.

I like Breviary application; I would like to support it. How can I help?
We will be happy if you will support the project in any way: With your prayers, offerings (priests are pleased to offer the holy mass for the intention of the project), and also financially. If you have any questions please contact us.

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If you have any questions please contact us.

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